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This list is dedicated to the pure enjoyment of Datsun 1500, 1600 and 2000 roadsters and serves as a forum for the open discussion of anything pertinent that you wish to pass on. Keep us up to date with your projects, parts you might have or need, questions on repair procedures, tips that might help others, or just ramble on about a pretty drive in the country.

As you're a new member, please write to introduce yourself and your car (include your city/state), tell us how you heard about the list, and include any questions you might have about your car. You might also want to peruse the Datsun Roadster starter's package. It contains a wealth of information about parts suppliers and clubs!

To join the list:

Send Email to with the following in the message body:

subscribe datsun-roadsters

To post to the list:

Send Email to

Once you're on the list, you'll see your message come back to you. When you reply to a message, make sure you address the net as a whole so all may benefit (unless of course, confidentiality is more appropriate).

We are rapidly becoming a great resource for information about the cars we love. To get some answers (or at least helpful suggestions) to those questions that have been bugging you, all you have to do is ask. You've got the source; make this list work for you.

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